Ado Jeginovic

My name is Admir-Ado Jeginovic, born in the town of Kljuc which is divided by the beautiful river Sana, one of the three clearest waters in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I have been fishing since my childhood and there have been many years of fly fishing experience over my shoulders.
Following the fly fishing expansion in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the last decade, I have been engaged a lot in guiding our numerous international fly fishing guests.
My very long fly fishing experience has not been based on fly fishing and guiding only.
I have a tremendous experience in teaching fly casting and fly tying to my guests, as well as to children through the local fly fishing school.

My flies have been sold and are still being sold throughout Europe, from the neighbouring Croatia and Slovenia, through Austria, Germany and other parts of Western Europe as well as some South-Eastern European countries and Scandinavia.
My fishing guests also come from different countries of the world, they can be beginners, renowned fishermen or even fly fishing instructors.
In recent years I've also begun building rods for my ciustomers - everybody loves a custom rod thats designed by your wishes.

I have been guiding our international guests to many rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the two beats of Sana river, Sanica, Pliva, Ribnik, Una, Unac, Klokot and Krusnica.
I also have a team of guides that are handpicked by me - we will do our best to give you the best experience possible.

Most of the guiding we do for trout and grayling, but, during the past three-four years I offered a lot of guiding for the biggest salmonide specimen, the Danube Salmon (Hucho Hucho) which is a sort of European Taimen.